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Tissah Foundation has been established with the aim of giving back to the community we serve. We encourage our customers and business partners to support our vision of giving back. 10% proceeds from every sale goes to Tissah Foundation, which supports the areas of youth & education, community and the environment.

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Social Impact

We are committed to providing fair wages, safe & healthy working environment that is free of harassment, discrimination, and forced labor. We ensure the producers and artisans we work with, share the same vision and commitment.

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Project Karishma 2020

Twelve old Karishma was amongst the brightest girls in the fifth grade. Her parents work hard to give her a chance at education, something they never got themselves. 

The pandemic changed many things for this family of four. Her daily-waged parents struggle with the limitations that the pandemic has brought. Karishma and her mother also got infected with COVID-19. The healthcare bills further affected them. 

Karishma’s school transitioned to online learning. While online learning is difficult for everyone, it is especially hard for families with resource limitations. With no computer, tablet, smart phone or Internet access, Karishma missed months of online school and subsequently fell behind. 

When we learnt about this, we had to act fast. We set up Karishma with a tablet and high speed Internet connection. She gradually caught up on missed lessons. 

Our goal with Project Karishma is to bridge the digital gap for children like Karishma and ensure continuity with education.


Since its inception in 2020, Project Karishma has been dedicated to supporting two children with school fees and materials, tablet and internet access.

Four year on, Karishma has flourished; she excels academically, is an avid footballer and consistently earns certificates for achievements such as best calligraphy and perfect attendance. 

Our supporters:

  • All Tissah clients
  • Primary school students Lucas and Lucian Ludwig, Boston, MA
  • Kiran Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal.